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Welcome Aquarium Enthusiast’s !

My name is Manny Onate. As the Owner/Operator of Aquarium fish sanctuary , I also take great personal interest in the preservation of Aquatic Wildlife and their future habitations. Therefore, I have devoted my time and energies toward this great cause. Thank you for joining with me in my conviction and love for Aquatic wildlife.

♥ The Aquarium Fish Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Organization supporting the preservation of Aquatic wildlife around the globe.


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Urte says:

    Enjoy the modern design. I were pleased with the content. Credit for the cool entry.

  2. david cooper says:

    I became aware of your existence via theAquatic Digest (seaplace) web group. I am also a member of the IUCN freshwater fish specialist group and have a background in aquarium design/installation/consulting. Among other fishy things MTI, my employer, offers a formal qualifcation in aquarium husbandry that is government recognised and funded here in New Zealand which I wrote and lead.

    On top of that I am chairman of the NZ Companion Animal Council which is an umbrella group of animal welfare organisations. Needless to say I push the “fish welfare barrow”. I also sit on the NZ biosecurity committee presently looking at the biosecurity risk posed to NZ by the pet trade and in particular the aquarium trade. As a part of that we are investigating the establishment of a number of aquatic animal rehoming centers as a way of reducing the biosecurity risk of unwanted fish finding their way in to the environment. There is also an animal welfare aspect of course.

    I would very much like to strike up a conversation with you and perhaps we can be of assitance to one another. My email addresses are nativefish@mti.net.nz or david@mti.net.nz(work) and aquarium@xtra.co.nz (home).

    happy for others with any interest to contact me as well.

  3. Diane Shields says:

    Can you please help me re-home a 24″ iridescent shark? It is now outgrowing a 125 gal. tank and really needs a very large tank or indoor pond. Located in St Charles IL. Thank You.

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